Automated Capacity Balancing Reduces Your Monthly IBM Software Invoice.

BMC’s iCap. Unique? Revolutionary? Not quite!

BMC claims that their soon to be released iCap product introduces a unique and revolutionary idea. Unique? Revolutionary? Not quite!   In November of 2011, BMC and zIT Consulting initiated discussions concerning possible areas of joint cooperation. These talks took place under the legal protection of a mutually entered into NDA. On June 4, 2013, […]

Again we had to enlarge our team

We are happy to announce that Bernd Moench has joined our team starting Feb 1, 2014. Many of our customers have known Bernd from his time at Trilog and later at CA, at both companies he was project manager for APC (later a part of CA’s Mainframe Application Tuner). Bernd will be the responsible project […]